Shauna McClure Creative Executive, Screenwriter/Director

Shauna's interest in writing and directing film was ignited with On Duty, a short film about a rookie cop who boldly apprehends his fellow officer after linking him to missing women. On Duty won "Best Short Film" at the New York International Independent Film Festival in 2000.

After studying screenwriting at the American Film Institute, Shauna has written several feature length screenplays. Among them all, Around the Clock Films has chosen to Produce, soonest, the following:

The Trophy Case trilogy (2012) A sadistic taxidermist, inspired by Dante's Inferno, uses the body parts of his victims to create an Angel.

In It's Only Rock & Roll an aspiring artist struggles with inspiration and love in the middle of a sex, drugs and rock & roll atmosphere in the Hollywood Hills.

Four Fridas on a Friday Night is a heist story about four childhood girlfriends who have grown into world-class thieves. Ocean's Eleven meets Charlie's Angels, with code-names of Frida.

Shauna was selected as one of the top 50 chosen directors, out of 12,000 in a worldwide search for the Steven Spielberg / Mark Burnett reality show, broadcast on the FOX network Summer 2007, called On The Lot. From logline to finished film, in six days, Shauna completed Positively 4th Street. Click to stream Shauna's Intro to On The Lot.

IMDb profile for Shauna McClure

 American Runaway (crime / thriller)
 Victims of Fate (crime / thriller)
 The Trophy Case (crime / thriller)
 On Duty (crime / thriller)


 Positively 4th Street (crime / thriller)
 Innermost Self (drama)
 Sons of Italy (drama)
 I Am Third (comedy)
 Four Fridas on a Friday Night (action adventure)