Joe Altieri CEO, Executive Producer

In 1980, while serving as a Chief Warrant Officer in the US Army, Joe appeared as the Band Master in the movie Ike: The War Years.  

In 1996 Joe re-entered the biz as Executive Producer at which time Around the Clock Films was created with Shauna.

In 1999 Joe EP'd  the short film On Duty which won "Best Short Film" at The New York International Film Festival in 2000.

In 2007 Joe EP'd Shauna's Writing / Directing accomplishment... the 3 minute short film Positively 4th Street, Shauna's first Directing challenge on Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett's Reality show, On The Lot for the FOX television network.

In 2009 Positively 4th Street garnered "Official Selection" at the 2009 Bel Air Film Festival.

Currently, Joe is active in development with both the feature film American Runaway and The Trophy Case trilogy.

IMDb profile for Joe Altieri

 American Runaway (crime / thriller)
 Victims of Fate (crime / thriller)
 The Trophy Case (crime / thriller)
 On Duty (crime / thriller)
 Positively 4th Street (crime / thriller)
 Innermost Self (drama)
 Sons of Italy (drama)
 I Am Third (comedy)
 Four Fridas on a Friday Night (action adventure)